How to enable precise volume adjustment on keyboards with volume wheels on macOS

If you use a Windows keyboard with your Mac that features a volume wheel rather than up and down buttons, you may have noticed that small adjustments of the wheel do not equate to small adjustments in volume. This is because Windows increments volume in steps of 2%, whereas macOS defaults to steps of 10%. But by holding ⌥⇧ (Option + Shift) while adjusting volume, the step becomes 2.5%. Follow the steps below to make this the default behavior for the wheel while leaving volume up and down keys unchanged. This has only been tested on macOS Sonoma with a Logitech G Pro X TKL keyboard.

  1. Download and install Karabiner-Elements from this website or by running brew install --cask karabiner-elements
  2. Open Karabiner-Elements and follow the instructions here to give it access to Input Monitoring
  3. In Finder, press ⌘⇧G (Command + Shift + G), type ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications and press return/enter
  4. Download, unzip, and move this file to the folder above – alternatively, copy the contents of this gist to a new json file with any name
  5. Return to Karabiner-Elements, click Complex Modifications in the sidebar (or top navigation on older versions), then click Add rule
  6. Find the rule called “Volume Wheel Adjustment Precision” and click enable
  7. Ensure Karabiner-Elements is allowed to run in the background to maintain the desired behavior.

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