Hi, my name is Finlay Nathan (he/him) and I’m a software developer (good at Googling stuff)

Third-year Computer Science B.S. major at UC Santa Cruz 🍌🐌

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I’m ready to put my

software engineering
web development
cloud computing
information technology

skills to use…

…for your

small business
non-profit organization
individual technology


Key services

iOS development – I use software engineering and UI/UX design experience to build high quality iOS applications using the latest technologies and industry standards. My expertise in Swift, UIKit, SwiftUI, and Xcode enable me to build fast and modern applications for Apple environments.

Website design – From an easily manageable WordPress site to a full-stack web application in SvelteKit, I’m always looking for the best way to expand your online presence in the rapidly changing world of web technologies. With my intricate knowledge of Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare, speed and reliability are guaranteed.

Data management – Whether you need records digitized or a database modernized, I’m at your service. With my background in data structures and algorithms as well as a focus on machine learning in my undergraduate education at the University of California, I’m not only ready to optimize data storage, but help you ethically analyze and learn from it.

I.T. consulting – I’ve worked with numerous clients to provide individual tech lessons, build enterprise cloud infrastructure, and everything in between. I’m ready to accelerate your company’s tech stack with my expertise in I/P/SaaS, Python scripting, and Node.js microservices. My familiarity with C, C++, and Java allows me to maintain and upgrade existing codebases.

My background

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