SAMOHI App – October 2018, Swift

An iOS application made for Santa Monica High School students that brings school information and services together in one place.

website | download

Lincoln Middle School App – January 2017, Swift

An iOS application made for Lincoln Middle School students bring easy access to homework assignments, school news, and other information. Predecessor to the SAMOHI App.

website | blog post | download

Virtual Tech Teens – May 2020, Swift

HackDSC hackathon submission: Connecting elderly members of our community with young, tech-savvy individuals for easy virtual technical assistance. (3rd place education, 2nd place best use of Agora.io)

GitHub | Devpost

TrashCoin – October 2019, Swift

AngelHacks hackathon submission: A scavenger hunt-style game that incentivizes youth to pick up trash and litter by gamifying the process. (3rd place general)


StressPress App – February 2020, React Native

A cross-platform mobile app designed as a modern news feed for schools. Commissioned by students from the Samohi marketing class. Development postponed due to COVID-19.


ameliawirick.com – October 2022, WordPress

bdiminished.com – May 2020, HTML

Useless Clothing – January 2020, WordPress

Santa Monica Dem Club – May 2020, WordPress

bryancortez.com – April 2020, HTML

Law Office of Frederick Reid Nathan – November 2019, WordPress (served statically as HTML)

Immel Music – 2019, WordPress (served statically as HTML)

SMRR.org – 2019, WordPress


Samohi Orchestras Spring 2021 Senior Gala – May 2021

Celebrating the Samohi Orchestra Class of 2021, Senior Gala features solo performances, senior reflections, and the all-senior orchestra.

Credits: Technical director for in-person screening, editing lead for video compilation and audio adjustments, video editing for “Hogwarts Hymn” (1:44:12 – 1:37:47), title cards and transitions (throughout)

Samohi Orchestras Spring 2021 Virtual Concert – May 2021

Samohi Orchestras’ third virtual performance, featuring performances from all seven award-winning ensembles.

Credits: Editing lead for video compilation and audio adjustments, video editing for “Dance of Fire” (2:34 – 5:06), video editing for “Rhythm Sticks” (12:29 – 16:46), title cards and transitions (throughout), editing for auction advertisements (throughout), closed captioning (throughout)

Samohi Orchestras Winter 2020 Virtual Concert – December 2020

Samohi Orchestras’ second virtual performance, featuring performances from all seven award-winning ensembles. Samohi’s String Orchestra performs Viking by Soon Hee Newbold and Intermezzo Orchestras performs Reflection by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel.

Credits: Video editing for “Viking” (2:41 – 5:21), video editing for “Reflection” (12:39 – 17:18)

Samohi Orchestras: “Legionary” – June 2020

From Samohi’s award-winning music program, Samohi Orchestras presents Legionary by Chris Thomas, performed by the Concert and Sinfonia Orchestras—from home.

Barbie Bungee – February 2017

Video submission for Algebra I project: how many rubber bands are necessary to create a perfect bungee jump?

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Perspective – February 2019

Guessing game, JavaScript

CencerMC – February 2014

Minecraft server, acquired by PodCraft (blog post)

Avatar – 2014

3D JavaScript Game

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