How to disable control to right click in Minecraft on Mac

On Mac, pressing control and clicking causes a secondary click, even when using a mouse with a dedicated right click button. This can interfere with PvP in Minecraft in which the left control key may be held continuously, preventing left click from being pressed. This method remaps control to an unused key in macOS while Minecraft is open and focused using an open-source keyboard customizer.

  1. Download and install Karabiner-Elements from this website or by running brew install --cask karabiner-elements
  2. Open Karabiner-Elements and follow the instructions here to give it access to Input Monitoring
  3. In Finder, press ⌘-Shift-G, type ~/.config/karabiner/assets/complex_modifications and press return/enter
  4. Download, unzip, and move this file to the folder above – alternatively, copy the contents of this gist to a new json file with any name
  5. Return to Karabiner-Elements, click Complex Modifications in the sidebar (or top navigation on older versions), then click Add rule
  6. Find the rule called “Map Left Control to Right Application/Menu” and click enable
  7. In Minecraft, open Options > Controls > Key Binds and find Sprint (or any other action you want to bind to left control)
  8. Click the Key Bind to edit, then press left control on your keyboard – it should change to “Menu” which signifies that you completed this process successfully

Things to note:

  • Use at your own risk, but this fix does not violate the rules of any large servers including Hypixel.
  • This solution does not disable control to right click systemwide, only while in Minecraft.
  • This will disable left control in any unbundled Java application (without a .app).

While I’m on the topic of Minecraft, I highly recommend that you try the Prism Launcher if you have an Apple Silicon Mac to run Minecraft with native performance. I’m not sponsored by nor affiliated with them; I just love their work.

Feel free to ask questions below.

Edit 10/28/22: replaced ManyMC launcher, which was based on PolyMC, with Prism Launcher following recent events

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