I’m a developer (good at Googling things) ❤️ 🍎

Hi, I’m Finlay Nathan, a determined software, web, and mobile developer with UI/UX design experience, I.T. experience, problem-solving, and collaboration skills. I’m a student at UC Santa Cruz studying computer science, software engineering, and machine learning. I am fluent in Swift, Python, and JavaScript, which I’ve used in my contract work as well as to develop and publish my own iOS apps. I’m experienced with Linux management and writing technical documentation, and I frequently make use of Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare. Through my university classes, online courses, and my own personal research, I’m actively improving my knowledge of C, C++, Java, and Data Structures. I take great pride in using my skills to help my community, from one-on-one I.T. work to building full-scale web applications for non-profit organizations. In my free time, I enjoy participating in hackathons, playing piano and viola, photography, and video editing.

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Finlay Nathan

In June 2018, the Cencer website and its services were rebranded under my name, Finlay Nathan.

Mobile Development

In January 2017, I developed my first iOS application, the official Lincoln Middle School app to simplify everyday tasks for my peers. The original Santa Monica High School app, its successor, is my most popular to date, even prompting other students to attempt to create similar apps based on my own.


My YouTube channel formerly hosted tech reviews, tutorials, and video gameplay. After many iterations, it is was renamed “Finlay Nathan” in February 2017 and now features some short films that I made for school.


CencerMC was a Minecraft server I managed and administrated with a few friends. Launched on February 22, 2014, the server grew and, on August 18, 2017, merged with PodCraft, a network with 20,000+ users. Through many iterations, the server has shut down and been revived multiple times. While it’s popularity has subsided, it is still online today.