Developer, editor, tech blogger (sometimes). Professional Minecrafter. Good at Googling things. Biased towards Apple. ❤️ 🍎

February 2014


CencerMC was the official Minecraft server of Cencer, originally managed by myself and “16BitSloth.” Launched on February 22, 2014, CencerMC was our first official project. On August 18, 2017, CencerMC merged with PodCraft and, therefore, the original server shut down. PodCraft shut down on December 31, 2018.
October 2014

Cencer Jewelry

Soon after the launch of CencerMC, I launched Cencer Jewelry on this website. I started engraving words into small metal necklaces and soon begun working with sea glass as well. The online store shut down in late 2017, but custom orders were still available through the end of 2018.

November 2014


NifLimited was my main YouTube channel featuring tech reviews, tutorials, and video games. This channel began as “Nif World” in 2014. After multiple rebrandings, the channel is now simply “Finlay Nathan,” featuring some of my short films. Older videos have since been removed.

January 2017

Cencer Mobile Development

In January 2017, I developed my first iOS application, the official Lincoln Middle School app. This app allowed students to easily access homework assignments on the go, as well as see a calendar and other helpful information. The Santa Monica High School app, with similar functionality, was recently released.

February 2017

Cencer Films

Back in 2015, I began working on a few short films, most of which were school projects and were never released. In February 2017, I released my first short film to the public, “Barbie Bungee Trailer,” a school project measuring the number of rubber bands required for the perfect “Barbie bungee jump.” In early 2018, I re-edited the film and uploaded it to my YouTube channel.

June 2018

Finlay Nathan

In June 2018, the Cencer website and its services were rebranded under Finlay Nathan.

February 2019


Perspective was a short-lived online guessing game that would change outcomes depending on the player’s “perspective.” The game’s database and answers were leaked so it was quickly taken down.