Official Lincoln Middle School App Released

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This post details the release of the LMS Homework App – For the app homepage and support, click here. See our Twitter here for the most recent updates.

Since the beginning of 2017, I have been learning about and working with the Swift programming language and today I am proud to announce my first iOS application: the official Lincoln Middle School app.

About a month ago, I realized a problem that prevented students from completing their homework assignments: not knowing what the assignments are. LMS students are provided the option to purchase a planner, or “Binder Reminder.” However, students forget to — or are too lazy to — note down their homework. Additionally, while many teachers have websites, most are unable to update them nightly. The Lincoln Middle School app provides students homework assignments from every class, eliminating the need for planners or teacher websites, to some extent. Paired with the chat function, which allows students to communicate with each other anonymously about difficult questions, the LMS app is the ultimate school tool. Students can stay organized and even eliminate the need for paper planners.


Who can use the LMS app? The Lincoln Middle School app is designed to be used by students, teachers, and parents of Lincoln Middle School. If you are interested in bringing an app like this one to your school/school district, please see my contact information below.

What do you have planned for the future of the LMS app? In the future, I believe that the app will be able to eliminate the need for paper planners to keep students organized. Additionally, an Android version of the app will be launching soon. (2020 Update: an updated version of the LMS app will be releasing soon to support recent changes to the school’s website. There are currently no plans to release an Android version as I focus on the development of the SAMOHI App.)

I am interested in bringing a similar app to my school or school district. Talk to your school’s principal or superintendent. Have them email me here to discuss pricing and availability.

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