SAMOHI App Privacy Policy

SAMOHI App Privacy Policy

Effective July 25, 2020

What We Collect

We collect the following information to verify student status and improve our services.

Account Information: When setting up the SAMOHI app, we ask to collect your school Google account name and email address, as well as your student ID to verify your identity as a student. We also ask for your Illuminate login credentials, which are stored securely on your device and are only ever sent to Illuminate for authentication.

Account Data: Data such as grades, classwork, and schedules from third-party services such as Google Classroom, Illuminate, and Enriching Students are never collected or stored on our servers.

Anonymous Data: The SAMOHI App uses multiple third-party services such as Google Firebase (for authentication) and Mapbox (for the interactive map). These services may collect anonymous data to improve the services they provide.

Contact Information: Any information submitted through email, contact forms on this website, or comment forms on this website, will be stored indefinitely in our systems to contact users and prevent abuse.

With Whom

Your Anonymous Data is sent to third-party services automatically. Your Account Information, including your grades, are never shared with anyone, except when required by the school administration or law enforcement.


Security: Your Illuminate credentials and Google login info are sent securely to Illuminate and Google respectively over HTTPS. They are stored in your device‚Äôs secure keychain and are never accessible to the app developer.

User Control: When signing up, you are able to skip connecting accounts if you are unable to or uncomfortable with sharing that information. You may request the data that has been collected or an account deletion by emailing [email protected].


This privacy policy is subject to change at any time. You will be notified of such changes via email or in-app notifications.