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The Original SAMOHI App brings together information and services for a unified educational experience. SAMOHI has never been easier.

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Everything at your fingertips

[icon name=”graduation-cap” prefix=”far”] Aeries

Check your grades in seconds without logging in each time.

[icon name=”clock” prefix=”far”] Flex Time

Save your favorite classes and sign up for Flex Time with ease.

[icon name=”map-marked-alt” prefix=”far”] Interactive Campus Map

See an interactive map of the SAMOHI campus and easily search for rooms.


[icon name=”newspaper” prefix=”far”] School News

Get custom news updates from Dr. Shelton & SMMUSD’s Twitter feeds, The Samohi newspaper, and the Daily Bulletin.

[icon name=”calendar-alt” prefix=”far”] Calendar

See upcoming school events on the official SAMOHI and SMMUSD calendars.

[icon name=”info-circle” prefix=”far”] School Info

See the staff directory, school policies, and other information right from the school’s website.


Very Helpful – by Thepaginator, 06/01/2019

Love this app. It helps me keep track of what’s going on and it’s super easy to use. Love that I can see the twitter feed too. The calendar is super organized. It has everything I need in a real comprehensive way. Thanks!


Amazing – User (10011), 08/31/2019

Honestly a really great app, useful to any SAMOHI student. The search-for-classroom functionality is awesome!


Great Job! – by Anonmom, 05/31/2019

As a SAMO parent I really appreciate being able to access so much info in one centralized location, and this app does that exactly! Well done! Awesome! Thank You!

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The Original SAMOHI App is developed and maintained by Finlay Nathan, a student at Santa Monica High School. It was first released on the App Store in October 2018.

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